Terms and Conditions
Interest Free Flexible Payment Options

Terms and Conditions
My Plan.


Terms and Conditions

Sophie Wells Art Payment Options: Flexible & Interest-Free with MyPlan

Sophie Wells Art offers you the convenience of paying monthly for custom artwork or commissions from my collection, without any interest charges. With MyPlan, you can bring your ideas to life without the worry of immediate payment*.

  1. Payment Schedule: The MyPlan payment schedule ranges from 3 to 24 months, offering interest-free payments. Payments are made monthly by logging in and making manual payments.
  2. Interest-Free Payments: All payments are monthly and interest-free. You must log in to make manual payments towards your MyPlan agreement.
  3. Artwork Ownership: Ownership of the artwork remains with Sophie Wells Art until all MyPlan payments are complete. The artwork will not be shipped until full payment has been received.
  4. Cancellation Policy: Once the MyPlan agreement has started, all payments are final, as the commission process begins. Cancellation is not permitted once the plan is in progress.
  5. Late Payments: There is no penalty for late payments, but it is essential to keep up with your payments to avoid delays in shipment and progression with your commission.